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Why we are different

Amy's Wellness Centre is the finest Spa therapy in Newmarket and the surrounding areas. Here is why:

Experienced Masseuses

All of our masseuses are trained professionals and enjoy what they do and are certified, holistic practitioners.

100% Safe & Natural

We provide you with deep tissue and shiatsu massage, using hot stones and cups and different types of oils.

Special Gifts & Offers

We are always offering promotions so check back periodically to see what we are offering


Quality & Natural Products

The same goes for the products we use - all safe and natural

Unique from other Spas

Come and see how we are different from other spas in the GTA

Spa Consultants

Give us a call beforehand and speak with one of us prior to booking

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Special Offer

Spa Promotion!

Try Amy's Wellness Centre the first time and if you are a first time, new customer;

Get up to 25% Off

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Our Client’s Feedback

Read what our valued client are saying about us and how we treat them when they book a service at Amy's

Amy's Wellness Centre is a very intimate and tranquil spa; one that I enjoy visiting to get a fine massage!

Samuel Anita

A pleasure to write this review for Amy - I love the Hot Stone Massages and would recommend it for anyone interested in trying it out the first time!

Trent Williams